Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Blustery Day! Siggy Swap Ideas...

Working in a hospital, it is  very easy for me to avoid the elements: the 120 degree summers as well as the windy and sideways rains during monsoon season! I hear that it was a very blustery day around town today :) I would have no idea, but it was very nice to finish the evening out sewing while the hubby and the greyhounds nap in the living room. <3 <3

I am currently working on finding an interesting block for the Siggy Block Swap that I joined on Flickr. Here is my first and second attempt (see below). I am having a hard time finding something creative to send out to the other gals.

On another completely different note, I am very ashamed to admit that I was getting frustrated when my math wouldn't work out and I kept on ending up with 5+ x 5+ inch blocks when I was shooting for even 5x5..... I had the wrong presser foot on my machine :( not my 1/4 inch. I am completely embarrassed, but somewhat relieved. I was beginning to fear I had had a stroke. Not kidding :( this is a major fear :( of mine.

Definately not my best work....
Here are some of the pictures from the roadster show that the hubby and I went to last weekend in Pomona.

The inside of a really pretty Coupe.

Pretty powder blue Roadster.

I have no idea what this car was, but it made me happy. It looks more red in this picture, but picture it as an irridescant watermelon color WITH a metal roof: LOVED the roof.

Yeah, I don't know what this car is either, but the color of the body is a beautiful, pearlescent, pale, pale vintage green color. SUPER AWESOME!

This is a really cool colored Coupe.
 I think I will attempt the siggy blocks again tomorrow night: WITH my 1/4 inch presser foot..... geee whiz...

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