Sunday, February 6, 2011

Very First Mug Rugs!!
 Here are my first attempts at finishing a Mug Rug with my favorite mug (this mug is the perfect size - fits right into the palms of my hands and keeps them so toasty and warm!). Yes, there are multiple things that I will need to continue to need to work on and yes, this is the perfect opportunity to work on said skills because this project is such a small project.

I used some super cute pink cupcake fabric that my aunt bought me for Christmas. I really do not have all that many large-scale whimsical prints that I could use for centerpieces to the project, this seemed to work out. I do think that the binding got the best of me on this project. Not quite sure why, but I didn't do my best binding here. Bummer.

BTW the fabric in the background will be the fabric that I hope to use for my Socken Quilt. More on that project to come!


  1. Hi, found you via the Mug Rug Madness Flickr group. Love your pink MR, especially with a very edible looking cupcake in the centre! Gorgeous. Jxo

  2. Thank-you!! :) Glad you stopped by :)