Thursday, August 19, 2010

First Post

I turned 31 this year. THIRTY ONE. Wow how time flies. I was supposed to have run a marathon by the time I turned 30.... SO I'm a little bit behind, but my 31 year old self is definately more motivated and I've got 55 days until 26.2 in San Francisco!! I wish I could have pink hair like my mini...

I've been training for my very first marathon for about 7 weeks and I thought that it is about time that I start writing some things down! I've been using the Nike+ website as my training regimen and it seems to be working fairly well, but I really, really need to re-calibrate b/c it is off by a good 1/2 mile by the end of an 8 mile run.

I have been training on the treadmill. Yes, a treadmill. Not entirely optimal, but at least I'm moving. I don't really have much of an option on this one as it is melt-your-face-off hot outside in Phoenix right now. This week my long run on Monday was 14 miles and then my next long run on Friday will be 9 miles. Goooooood times!

Things that make me happy today:

1.)  Body Glide for her: I am happy that I no longer have a scab where my sports bra attacks my ribcage and I'm thankful that I don't have to cry from pain while I am running.Thank-you Runner's World for that life-altering information and clinical pearl.

2.) Title IX Last Resort Bra: Oh hello bra that holds things in place! Sure I still will wear 2 sports bras, but that is simply because I am particular and refuse to have ANY bounce. This bra is neat b/c it's a little longer so it puts pressure on different areas than the standard bra. ALSO, it is much easier to get a front-hooking bra off when you're sticky and sweaty.

3.) Wool Socks PhD Lite: Like I mentioned, I started training for a marathon in July. IN PHOENIX. I am very interested in finding equipment that will work with my element. The element of sweat. I know that it sounds silly and backwards, but these wool socks are very good at keeping my feet dry and wicking sweat. many others have mentioned that they get 'no blisters' with these socks. I have gotten blisters, but they are pressure blisters, have nothing to do with being wet or sweaty. Quite the pleasant surprise.

Things that make me not-so-happy today:
1.) Still have healing wounds from where my sports bra has attacked both my spine and my ribcage.

2.) Dealing with my most recent idiot-moment: I thought I had hit 'pause' on my treadmill when I went to move my fan.... hopped unknowingly back onto my still running treadmill and proceeded to fall and ungracefully give myself a lovely piece of road-rash on my left ankle. Road-rash on an area that is supposed to be bendy is not fun. Crossing my fingers for a speedy recovery.

3.) Totally getting bored with staring at a wall for anything over 3 minutes :( Can't wait for AZ to cool down so I can go outside.

I'm also working on a few projects in the sewing room. I actually have a friend who just had twins (boy & girl) and then another friend who is soon to have twins (boy & boy) so I am pretty busy replenishing my stock. I was ahead a couple of quilts b/c I got super excited about a pattern and attempted to belt out a few! I really like the impact of these quilts (String Quilt), I'll likely add to it to make it a little bigger as I like medium sized baby quilts vs tiny, itty bitty play mats. I used this tutorial: (with 7 inch squares)

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