Monday, February 28, 2011

Strawberry Shortcake Half Square Triangle Quilt

Oh Natalie Dee... I heart you. I tell my husband that I want to wear him like a jacket all the time. HE knows that it means I like him bunches :) He's cool with it.

I have been wanting to make a half square triangle quilt for quite some time. I think they are simple enough, look really pretty, and I have never sewn one, so I sat down this weekend and followed the P.S. I Quilt tutorial:

I used 15 prints from my pink stash just because I have way too much pink AND a girlfriend of mine had a little Valentine's Day baby girl the other day. :)  I also simultaneously completely used up 7 or 8 fabrics! I WIN!! And then I used an off white, creamy Kona solid (the particular color is eluding me at this time)...

I started with 5.5 x 5.5 inch squares in both white and a pink from the stash (See piles below). I drew one diagonal line on the lighter solid for following the 1/4 inch seams on.
I sandwiched one pink and one solid (right sides together) and sewed twice (1/4 inch on either side of one diagonal), then used my rotary cutter to cut on the diagonal line that I had drawn. This will yield two half-square triangles with each solid-color sandwich.
Pretty little pile of half-square triangles ready to go!

Half-square triangle quilt top!! Of course I have multiple projects on my plate, so I added a few little pieced curved circles in to keep things interesting. They are much easier than I had anticipated! 

 I have been interested in the whole porthole technique since I saw this on flickr:
Check out her website here: Lu Summers

I couldn't ever actually find any sort of tutorial on her blog, so I continued to scour all of blogland. Here are all of the blogs that I found to be helpful with the construction of a porthole block. All you need is freezer paper (yes, it is different than wax paper! (I had no idea). Wax paper = waxed on both sides (bad for your iron), Freezer paper = waxed on one side only (good for your iron!)), scissors, a glue stick, a pencil, A shape to trace, an iron, pretty fabric, your trusty machine, and a little bit of time on your hands!

We Shall Sew

Ric rac


P.S. Here is the updated picture from my long-arm quilter of my Postage Stamp Quilt!!

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