Friday, February 18, 2011

How Do I Construct This Quilt?

Every time that I am making a quilt for someone or just sitting down for some therapy, my hubby asks if the quilt will be for him. It is pretty much a running joke at this point. I would love to make him a quilt, but he can't seem to figure out what is 'manly' enough to suit his disposition until now. My handsome husband has decided that he likes abstract-like quilts and he has committed to a pattern. Yeah. Whoa. I had to pick my jaw up off of the floor because nothing ever seems manly enough for this Model A driving, Y block building, ball bearing packing, engineering hubby of mine. SO I am thinking, 'Gee, this is awesome. I had better be able to make this quilt for him...' And then he shows me this picture:

It's the album cover to a Deathcab for cutie album. A boy after my own heart.... except that I cannot wrap my head around how to actually put this thing together. Ugh.

I need help figuring out how I would construct this... it looks complicated and hard? Does anyone know of any examples where seams don't exactly match up and look completely random/artistic like this? I need help :( Below is a ticker-tape-style version.... Getting closer, but totally need some help here.
I would really like to do this without having to go all Ticker-Tape-Parade on it. I like the idea of having all my raw edges on the backside with no fraying to maintain the crispness of the quilt (for this particular project). Just don't know where to begin with this process..

Recommendations? ? Guidance?? Help??? :(


  1. I wish. When you figure it out...let me know.

  2. WILL DO! Don't you think it would look neat?

  3. I have been doing some more research and a gal on flickr recommended to piece the majority of the quilt top and then applique random rectangles at will as an idea (a very good one at that!).

    I have also found out that these seams can be called 'incomplete seams' or 'Y seams' and are somewhat common in quilting. A few websites referenced this tutorial (below) and I checked it out - looks pretty good! I think I may try it out :)