Thursday, February 10, 2011

Motivation (surprisingly NO lack-there-of) for quilting! Excited.

Last year was the year of running. Well, I only ran one marathon and one half marathon, but to be fair, I had never run a half marathon and the most I had ever run before was likely less than 12 miles at one time.

Me in front of the marathon route at Nike Town
My number for the San Francisco Nike Women's marathon
Monterey Half Marathon with my brother. I was having a good time. HEY, it wasn't 26.2 miles, my feet had healed from the mass quantities of blisters that I had built during the marathon the previous month. I was just happy to be running again.

This year is going to be my year of sewing!! I have already challenged myself to use up my stash. Now I have challenged myself to complete one  quilt per month at least! So far so good! I have finished the green modified-first-quilt-a-long (Fat Quarterly) that I ever participated in online. So this will be my #1 finish for 2011.

I have also found an abundance of quilt-a-longs!! I am sooo incredibly happy to find online support and more importantly I am excited about all of the inspiration I keep seeing and all of the tricks and reminders that I keep stumbling upon: pure awesomeness!!!

1.) modified Fat Quarterly Quilt-A-Long (Quilted, bound, complete)
2.) Postage Stamp Quilt-A-Long (Top:complete, dropped off with long-arm quilter!!)
3.) Socken Quilt-A-Long (in progress!)
4.)....Considering the Single Girl Quilt-A-Long - I mean why not, right?? Found out about it on Nova's blog. Looks awesome and lord knows I need the inspiration, support, and hand-holding ;) This could be the perfect wedding gift for my brother and his wifey-to-be!! Pretty excited about this one!!!

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