Monday, February 21, 2011

Side project: Pillow Shams

Still sewing away on a few quilt too projects (because one project is never enough and to be honest, I get bored or frustrated and need to step away from certain projects to think things through in regards to how I need to be doing things differently in order to be successful).

I did join the Single Girl Support Group, but am continuing to wait for the book with the pattern and template to arrive. I am loving reading the Q&A posts as well as the FYI posts so that I can be prepared when it is my turn to start building the blocks. The question came up: Who is going to be making pillow shams? One of the gals came up with some super links and I wanted to share as well as document some of my own faves (for my own future use!).

Prudent Baby (Love the fabric on the edges of the shams, not too feminine)

 Film In The Fridge (These are pretty pillowcases)

The Cottage Home (Frilly and beautifully feminine)
Retro Mama (More pretty pillowcases)
My mom is notorious for historically making my brother and I pillowcases. Really. I have a Snoopy Christmas pillowcase, a Snoopy St. Patrick's Day pillowcase, three flannel (one white with blue flowers, a second white with rainbow horizontal stripes, and a third white with red words), and a Robert Hoffman easter egg pillowcase. Then this year for Christmas she made all the couples in our family matching pillow cases, so the hubs and I now have a CHRISTMAS SET!!! Thanks Mom! xoxox

I love my headboard :) Tufting is WAY TOO much work to ever do again...

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