Sunday, December 19, 2010

Time Sure Flies!

Let's see, since my last post.... my brother and I have run in the Monterey Half Marathon and I had to put a sick puppy to sleep. Really, that is about all the excitement that I have had.

Up EXTRA early for the half marathon
We had a slight SNAFU prior to the half. I guess the hotel forgot to 'fall back' for daylight savings time... we didn't notice and so we ended up getting ready for the race an hour early. The entire time we were getting ready, I was wondering why it was so dark and I was confused thinking we would be running in the dark (?). As we were going downstairs and out the lobby, people were dressed for running, but taking food and coffee upstairs (now we were really confused). At this point, I decided that I should go to the front-desk-people and ascertain the current time in Monterey. It was at that point that we confirmed we had indeed been duped.

Proof that Team Johnson got duped.
I had a good time - Brian was a little bit more focused.
Right now, I am working on a bunch of cute little wallet/purse/clutches a la Noodlehead ( super duper cute gifts for girlfriends and female family members. After sewing 10 of them, I think that I've finally got it down and the zippers are starting to look really good. Pretty excited about that and they're all really cute. Check 'em out!

Here are 10 that I've made so far... they go quick. 

I think the hardest and most time-consuming part is the actual fabric selection.
My favorite: Heather Bailey Mendocino