Saturday, February 12, 2011

Finished Fat Quarterly Quilt-A-Long (slightly modified) Quilt

I finally finished (bound and quilted) my Fat Quarterly Quilt-A-Long Quilt. As I mentioned before, I have somewhat modified the pattern. After I sewed up all of my strips (of course I didn't entirely pay attention to the quilt-a-long instructions ( I am a terrible listener... )) I ended up with many more color-white-color strips than I had solid pieces to sandwich with - hope this makes sense. SO I ended up alternating every other 'box' block with a 'cross' block. Ehh... It worked for me :) I am counting this as my first quilt finish of 2011 (with The Postage Stamp as my second.... when I get it back from the long-arm quilter and I bind it).

Here is my modified version below:

I love Nicey Jane!! I didn't use any of the pink - but that is definately my favorite.
Can you find what I wrote in the border?
Here is what the quilt-a-long was supposed to end up looking like:
See where I modified the pattern? I went with a 'cross' every other 'box' block.
 The entire time I was quilting this quilt, I had the biggest feeling of disappointment. My borders had ended up stretching just enough to where I did not feel I could go with straight line quilting (which was how I had initially wished to quilt the entire quilt). So I was incredibly bummed. I ended up stippling the outer two white borders and I am very happy that I did. I love the way this quilt turned out and am happy with the learning experience. I really cannot explain how much I learn with each quilt-a-long. All the wonderful discussion points on the boards, all the sharing of each others' frustrations... it is so nice to know that I am not alone in occasional frustrations.

Thank-you online quilting blogs and flicker. Today I am incredibly thankful for you. xoxoxo

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