Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Spring Break Day #2

In an effort to clean up my sewing room and move projects forward, I quilted. All. Day. Long.

I started on the Socken Quilt, but ran out of black thread. As you can see, I have already started to hand quilt, but the flowers that will be hand quilted (this is my first and likely last hand quilted project) are spaced out too much and I think the quilt will not hold up well to wear and wash, so I have decided to machine quilt the black background portion. I think it will look really, really neat when it is done! Ahhh, another labor of love...

I ended up moving on to the Prism Quilt, and pounded that puppy out. I think that it looks really cute, I like the look of stippling. For some reason, the entire time I am  quilting, I feel productive. Moreso than I do when I am straight-line quilting, where I feel bogged down and slow. I guess you could say that I am impatient in nature. :( I really need to work on that one.

When I am quilting, I get bored so I like to write words or make cute shapes. In the Prism Quilt, since I already know who would be on the receiving end, I wrote her name and a few other girlie words. I hope that my friends loves the quilt. I just need to bind it now!! Going back and forth with the dark/light pink stars or the red/pink stripe for the binding. What to do, what to do?

This baby was born on Valentine's Day and is her Mommy's little Angel.

Her name is Kyla. K's are hard!!
Off to walk the dogs and make the hubs some dinner :)
This is the dog that is currently whining in my ear because he really feels that he will die if he does not get his daily walk. He has a sock taped to his foot because he has a nice little wound in between his toes from scratching (it's a masculinity thing I hear) after he has marked (peed) on something. Oh the things we do to our dogs.


  1. You are fantastic at quilting. It's really fantastic.

  2. Thanks Reuben :) How's the whole new blog site fiasco working out for you?