Friday, August 2, 2013

Giveaway III Winner!!

Sorry for the delay - life truly has been happening in a big way!

Winner Chicken dinner copy
We have our winner! And it is Gill who said:
" My neighbours are moving house over the weekend so for the last couple of days, I've taken care of her children so she can get on with packing in peace! Thanks for the great giveaway!

Congratulations, Gill! Please send me your address and I will get your prize right on out to you!!

:) M
My neighbours are moving house over the weekend so for the last couple of days I've taken care of her children so she can get on with packing in peace!
Thanks for a great giveaway! - See more at:
My neighbours are moving house over the weekend so for the last couple of days I've taken care of her children so she can get on with packing in peace!
Thanks for a great giveaway! - See more at:
My neighbours are moving house over the weekend so for the last couple of days I've taken care of her children so she can get on with packing in peace!
Thanks for a great giveaway! - See more at:

Friday, July 19, 2013

Distraction Giveaway III

Hello ladies!!
Looks like I am only posting my giveaways lately instead of actually blogging, haha!! All the better for you all! I have a new bag of fabric swag for this month!!
And just to make it fun (as always) there will be more small goodies included. I will fill up a Priority Flat Rate envelope and ship it your way!

Please just leave me a quick comment on how you did something nice for someone else. We all could use some feel-good stories, right??I will accept entries until 9pm on Wednesday, July 24th.

Have a great day!!

Friday, June 21, 2013

Distraction Number 2 Winner!!

We have a winner! Looks like it is Janna!! Congratulations!! Just send me an email or respond to this post and I will send you your package! Thank-you again to all of you for stopping by and for entering. Looks like I am not the only one who has been challenged by Flickr. Maybe I just need to give it some more time....
Adorable mug rug. Love that mermaid. (Who doesn't?) Such a generous offer. I hated the new Flickr at first. Now I really like the new format. It's an easy way to see contact pics and new comments. Plus I like the bigger pictures. I'll stay with Flickr. Too many friends there to leave. I am on instagram too. I have a blog, but don't post much any more. Maybe I'll start that up soon. It would be easier with a pretty new mug rug. ;-D - See more at:
Adorable mug rug. Love that mermaid. (Who doesn't?) Such a generous offer. I hated the new Flickr at first. Now I really like the new format. It's an easy way to see contact pics and new comments. Plus I like the bigger pictures. I'll stay with Flickr. Too many friends there to leave. I am on instagram too. I have a blog, but don't post much any more. Maybe I'll start that up soon. It would be easier with a pretty new mug rug. ;-D - See more at:
Adorable mug rug. Love that mermaid. (Who doesn't?) Such a generous offer. I hated the new Flickr at first. Now I really like the new format. It's an easy way to see contact pics and new comments. Plus I like the bigger pictures. I'll stay with Flickr. Too many friends there to leave. I am on instagram too. I have a blog, but don't post much any more. Maybe I'll start that up soon. It would be easier with a pretty new mug rug. ;-D - See more at:"

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Distraction Giveaway II

Hi everyone!! It is time for the Distraction Giveaway II!

I went through my sewing room and attempted to organize everything so that I could once again find some space to create. I found a bunch of fun fabrics that I just do not have a project for and I am hoping that they can find a lovely home elsewhere.

This month I am packing as much stuff as I can into a flat rate Priority Mail box. Included will be a super cute little Heather Ross Mendocino mug rug that I made a year ago with some scraps and I love it, but just have never used it. It needs a good home! Also, I am sending out some fun fabrics (most are at least a FQ) and a coin purse handle that I found. It is a pretty marbled off white. :) Odds are that this will not fill up the box and you will find some more fun things in there... that is actually a promise.

 Pretty fabrics include some Lizzy House, Heather Bailey, Anna Maria, Horner, and a few 1930's reproductinos.
Here is the mini mug rug and it measures roughly 6x10 inches. :) Pretty swimming girls.

 And here are pictures of my recently cleaned out sewing room. I placed a bunch of WIPs on the top shelves of the book cases in hopes that if I look at them more often, maybe I will finish them!!!
Those upper black cabinets are my stash. :) It is nice to be able to close the doors and be done with the mess I have created, should I decide not to reorganize after pulling fabrics for my monthly blocks.

I would post up some pictures of the blocks that I have been frantically working on, but I am kind of irritated at Flickr right now. I do not like this new format and that has routinely been where I posted my pictures just because it was easy. I am pretty much only using Instagram for now... until that becomes yucky, too.

What are you guys using for posting your creative works? Do you use Flickr? Will you continue to use Flickr? Do you just use your own blog? Instagram?

In case you are new or have forgotten how this giveaway works. I will leave the drawing open for a few days, just leave me a comment and I will enter you. I will ship anywhere in the entire world, thanks for stopping by! Deadline to enter this week will be super short. I might have some cool things happening and I would like to have this post tucked away around that time. So this deadline is much shorter, LO SIENTO! Deadline: Friday June 21st at 5pm. :) Good luck!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Coin Purse Winner!

We have  have a winner!!

Distraction May 
AND it is Heather!! Who said "Happy birthday! May this year be full of happiness for you - you are such a kind, warm, person, you definitely deserve it." 

What a sweetheart! Heather and I actually sew together in our do Good Stitches group. We are the Empower circle, but we like to call ourselves the Rad circle too. Congratulations Heather! I will mail it out on Wednesday with my other bee blocks.

And thank-you all for the warm birthday wishes. It really was a fun and memorable day. :)

Sunday, May 19, 2013

The Very First Distraction Giveaway

Alright, so until I can think of a clever name for this monthly giveaway that accurately reflects its purpose (How-come-we-still-aren't-pregnant-but-I-do-not-want-everything-to-be-super-akward-and-go-into-a-downward-spiral-of-self-pity-which-I-am-incredibly-prone-to-so-I-am-instead-working-to-make-someone-smile-by-giving-something-fun-away-each-month-that-I-have-a-BFN) I will refer to this giveaway as the Distraction Giveaway!!!  Mainly because it will help me focus on something other than the fact that I had another BFN again.

I love making people smile. I need a distraction from not being able to get pregnant. Here we are!! This month, I am giving away a cute little coin purse that I made a while back.

Please simply comment on this post and I will draw a winner on Monday, May 27th because it is my birthday!! Like I said in the previous post, I used Farmdale Blossom by Alexander Henry in gray with an deep orange clasp. The inside is a beige linen. It measures about 4.5 x 5.5. Good luck everyone!! :)

PS Have you checked out The 21 Habits of Happy People? It is pretty neat, I think I will focus on one thing every few days. :) Being happy rules. I know it takes work to be either happy or miserable and I am choosing to be happy.

**maybe next giveaway, I can get my little brother (graphic design artist) to make it look a little more professional up in here.... note to self.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

I am Planning A Giveaway Day Every Month! We Shall Call It The Distraction Giveaway!

If you have been following me long enough, you know that this blog is a little bit personal, a few parts running, quite a bit of quilting, and random other things thrown in as I see fit.

I'm Doing Stuff

Now on to the personal side of things for today's post. We have been trying to get pregnant for that past 15 months (not that I am counting or anything) and each month I think to myself, 'Self, if it doesn't work out this month, maybe I should buy something to cheer me up'. And each month I do not buy myself something to cheer myself up. It just sounds like something that I would end up hating seeing. A collection of 15 awesome pairs of shoes that mean 15 months I didn't get pregnant. OR 15 really pretty bracelets that each time I wore them, I would be reminded of what an epic failure at being a woman I am. I just don't think I would like it very much.

I love my necklaces, just do not really wear them all that often.
SO I figured that buying tangible things just doesn't make me happy enough. BUT I did figure out what I do love. I love making people happy and I love a good, clean sewing room. Are you starting to see where this is all going to go? :)

I am going to give away something lovely from my sewing room each month that I do not get pregnant. Haha, what a weird type of giveaway right? BUT it will help me clean out my sewing room, give something pretty to someone else (as well as give them a smile), distract me (I am all about distractions) and maybe in some sort of teensy tiny way, bring awareness to infertility. Just think of the 7 degrees of separation with Kevin Bacon, only imagine infertility. Yup. It is everywhere.

This month is just giveaway nation!! I participated in Sew Mama Sew Giveaway Day and then I was a part of the bloghop for Bari J's newest line Bijoux, and now my little blog's monthly giveaway!! I will have to think of some sort of clever name for it, but in the meantime we can just call it:
The Distraction (aka SHARK WEEK) Giveaway!!

How do we feel about the chance to win this?: I used Farmdale Blossom by Alexander Henry in gray with an deep orange clasp. The inside is a beige linen. I will open up the giveaway when  Shark Week starts, but just so that you have it on your radar. I will keep you posted, but here is some eye candy in the meantime.

Farmdale Blossom in Gray

Pretty little coin purse!

And BTW: Newest favorite blog: 99 Fertility Tips. Funny.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Bijoux by Bari J Giveaway Winner Selected!

We have a winner!!!

Nortiness Who said 'The more I see this line the more I absolutely adore it! I see beautiful skirts for my girls, beautiful dresden cushions and quilts' 
Congratulations!! Please email me or respond to this post because I am unable to find a good email address for you. If I do not hear back from you by this afternoon, I will have to select another winner. Thank-you and congratulations!!

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Bijoux by Bari J. Lauch Party

Today is stop number 4 for the launch party of Bijoux by Bari J! Super excited to be a part of the excitement and to be able to give away a 10 fat quarter bundle of Bijoux! Yay!!

THIS GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED! Thank-you everyone!!
THIS GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED! Thank-you everyone!!
THIS GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED! Thank-you everyone!!

Photo by Art Gallery Fabrics, used with permission
As you already know from the previous stops on the blog hop, Bijoux was imagined up by Bari J as a free-spirited woman and I just adore her personification of Bijoux.

"Bijoux is my vision of a woman who is very much a free spirit. She travels around in her vintage caravan collecting things that she loves and that inspire her. She's an artist. And a loner. I envision her as an unusually tall woman with long streaming blond hair. She wears turquoise bracelets, boho skirts and beat up cowboy boots. I see her in dancing barefoot in the desert at night with the stars lighting her way. She's a rocker. She's a gypsy. She loves life. Bijoux means little jewels in French, and it is also the name of my main character. This fabric collection is bits and pieces of her life... as she is bits and pieces of me." - Bari J

Photo by Art Gallery Fabrics, used with permission
I love the boho-gypsy look with the girlie pinks throughout. This fabric line has such a fun vibe!

I have to admit that when Bari asked me if I would create something with Bijoux, I just about had a heart attack. I was so honored AND afraid that I would have a failure of epic proportion that I thought my heart might explode, but I said 'yes' and here we are. If you have not worked with Art Gallery fabrics  before, then we really need to get you some of their fabric (preferably Bijoux) because it is fabulous. The weight is not the same as standard quilting cotton. Just imagine if voile and quilting cotton got married and had a bunch of little fabric babies. Oh yes, sturdy, smooth, with a light weight feel. Seriously, it is fabulous.

When my fabric arrived, I knew exactly what I wanted to create! I always have such lofty aspirations. As a quilter, I have been eyeballing dresden plates for years, but have shied away out of fear. I felt as though this particular block looked so complicated and I avoid situations where failure may be a heavily weighted option. I have always thought that the most beautiful dresdens were made out of precious fabrics, or the fabrics that we hoard and are afraid to use. With this being said, Bijoux was calling to me to be created into a dresden and so our journey began.

I am a sucker for good fussy cutting and it is amazing how many fussy-cutting options there are with this line.
Photo by Art Gallery Fabrics, used with permission.
Aren't these pink circles cool? They remind me of wagon wheels, the kind on the old shepherd wagons! (side note: my neighbors growing up had a shepherd wagon that was full of blankets and trinkets and baubles, all sorts of surprises inside that little wagon. My girlfriends and I loved sleeping in there for sleepovers.)

Photo by Bari J

Center flower placement
My dresden, fiddling with the center medallion

I fussy cut the blades of the dresden as well as center medallion. It did take a few pictures to make sure that I had everything was good and centered before I could sew the dresden down to the background! I am really happy with the solid gold and magenta for the center of the plate. I think it draws out that gorgeous magenta, which I feel is a very fun color in this line.


Here is a close-up of the quilting and the scrappy binding. I quilted 1/4 inch inside of each seam and then echo quilted in gold one time around the entire dresden to ground it, so that it did not look like it would float away. I chose a scrappy binding because they are my favorite! I feel like it adds a little bit of party to everything - because the pieces look like bits of confetti. Bijoux is a rocker, I think she would agree with a scrappy binding here.

Bijoux Dresden Plate

Here is the Bijoux final dresden! I absolutely love how she turned out and am excited to put her up on my wall.

Here are the links that I found helpful when working on this project: 
Sew Mama Sew Dresden Plate Sew Along
Red Pepper Quilts Scrappy Dresden
I just printed out a template from the Sew mama Sew Dresden Plate Sew Along off of my computer and enlarged it 159%. I have no idea why my printer wanted to increase to 159% so badly, but it was the automatic pre-set so I went with it. The size is perfect for a wall in my little house at 32.5x32.5. I am also planning to add some hand quilting on the background. The perfect opportunity has come up at the next Phoenix Modern Quilt Guild meeting! We will be learning embroidery and Bari even said that she would help me! So I can put some Bijoux on this pretty little thing!

But for now I think I will cuddle up with her and my coffee mug on my little yellow sofa to enjoy the weekend. Have a fabulous weekend, everyone and check out the rest of the launch party through the middle of May. Good luck in winning these fabric bundles, they are amazing! If you do not win, no worries as Bijoux is already in fabric stores! I think I will be buying some yardage to make a few skirts with Bohemian Charms in Cream and Mystic Traveler in Magenta! Think 1950's style, circle skirt with a big wraparound tied waist. Perfect!

THIS GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED! Thank-you everyone!!
THIS GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED! Thank-you everyone!!
THIS GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED! Thank-you everyone!!

Bari and Art Gallery Fabrics have been fabulous enough to give one lucky winner 10 Fat Quarters from the gorgeous Bijoux collection at each blog stop (that is 11 chances to win!!). Here are the details to win big time on this little blog of mine:
  1. Leave a comment on this post.
  2. One comment per reader. Duplicate entries will be deleted.
  3. You have until 10:00 a.m. Pacific Standard Time on Sunday, May 12, 2013 to enter. 
  4. International entrants are welcome.
  5. A winner will be selected by Random Number Generator on Sunday, May 12, 2013.
  6. Winner will be notified by email and will have until May 14, 2103 to respond. If winner does not respond, a new winner will be selected by Random Number Generator and notified by email

Bijoux Launch Party Stops

(mother's day, no stop on the 12th)
May 13: Imagine Gnats
May 14: Jona G.
May 15: Mommy for Reals

Also, it is really fun to check out Bari's website, she always has something fun going on and fabric and textile eye candy galore.

THIS GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED! Thank-you everyone!!
THIS GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED! Thank-you everyone!!
THIS GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED! Thank-you everyone!!

Sew Mama Sew Giveaway Winners Announced!!

Hi everyone!!

Sew Mama Sew Giveaway Day on my blog!!
Just wanted to post up the winners from my giveaways!! Looks like per the Random Number Generator, our winners are:

Jan Baker who said 'I was machine quilting my first quilt and didn't get it basted tight enough. It had a LOT of extra fabric in the middle. My husband talked me into putting more batting in the middle instead of taking all the outside stitches out. The thing was so stiff that you could barely fold it. By then I was too fed up to do anything with it.'
Monica who said 'My first quilt is a huge embarrassment and I show it to people all the time. Everything is wonky and all points cut off. But the reason I show it is to prove to other quilters, especially new ones, that practice makes perfect.'

Congratulations, ladies! I will be emailing you shortly!!

Monday, May 6, 2013

Sew Mama Sew Giveaway Day and My Most Embarrassing Quilting Moment

Sew Mama Sew Giveaway Day on my blog!!v

Oh hi! My name is Meesh and I am super excited to participate in Sew Mama Sew's Giveaway Day this year (first-timer here)!! I have two giveaways today and thank-you for stopping by and checking them out and good luck to everyone with all of SMS's giveaways!!

Giveaway Number 1:
I will be giving away 8 untrimmed granny square blocks that I made just about nine months ago as a part of a swap on Flickr. It really was a super, duper fun swap where each swapper made 8 blocks in their specific colorway (my assignment was pink and green) in three different backgrounds, Kona White, Kona Snow, and Kona Charcoal. Well, it happened that a really nice, popular online fabric store sent me Bella Snow instead of Kona Snow yardage. I had never seen Kona Snow OR Bella Snow so I did not know that it was even remotely wrong. I did think it was interesting that so many quilters raved on and on about this yellow fabric, but I sewed up my blocks, mailed them in, and called it a day! Then about a week later, my bee mama sent me an email asking about the background fabric that I had used for 8 of my blocks. It appeared to be too dark of a background and did not match with any of the other blocks she had received. Long story short: I ended up buying new fabric (from a different online store), buying both a Kona and a Bella card, AND making 8 new blocks. Not to mention that I was sooooo incredibly embarrassed!! Anyhow, my loss is your gain, you can win these 8 granny blocks on Bella Snow! I might even throw in a 9th block, so that you can make an easy/quick baby quilt! **wink wink **

8 Little Grannies All Together

Here are the block details:
We used Katie's tutorial: I'm A Ginger Monkey and trimmed up, these blocks should each be 9-1/8 square.
Here are the fabrics that I used:

Not Your Granny's Bee (Pink & Green Group 1)

Giveaway Number 2:
I will also give away 1 yard of Anna Maria Horner's Voile Shattered print in Sky (from Innocent Crush). It is unwashed and so soft and pretty. I really quickly snapped a few pictures inside of our 1949 Packard. Isn't that wool fabric used on the seats amazing?

Anna Maria Horner Shattered in Sky Voile

Anna Maria Horner Voile

Anna Maria Horner Voile (Shattered in sky)  

Hey, I am keeping it real on this blog, not always pretty pictures, not always puppy dogs, ice cream cones, princesses, and rainbows. I make mistakes. Lots of them. Sometimes I share them and we can all laugh and learn. <3 

Just let me know what your most embarrassing quilting/sewing/crafting or whatever moment is and you will be entered into both giveaways. Or just comment, what ever works for you!! :) Open to anyone, anywhere :)

Giveaway Details: I will leave this giveaway open until May 10 at 5 p.m. PST when I will pick the two winners. Emails will go out to winners by May 11th as well as a post on how awesome and luck you are! As long as I have addresses to mail, I will ship the very next day. Good luck and I look forward to other stories, we all could use a good laugh, right?

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Tomorrow is Sew Mama Sew's Biannual Giveaway Day!

Excited for tomorrow!! It is Sew Mama Sew's biannual Giveaway Day!

This is a really cool way for people who blog, sew, craft, and quilt to meet new people and network. I am happy to post something this year. I will have to get a good picture tomorrow and show ya'll what I have in mind to give away.

On another note, I just received the most beautiful stack of Art Gallery fabric from Bari J's newest collection.... wait for it..... bijoux!!!! Oh. My. Word.

Freaking Gorgeous

Art Gallery fabrics are so luxurious. So soft. So smooth. They just BEG to be used in a soft baby quilt or against the skin as a pretty blouse or skirt. I am truly honored to even be allowed to touch this stuff, let alone make something before it hits stores.

Just a few quick notes about bijoux at first glance.

1.) Now I am an aficionado of the color pink. The pale blush pink in bijoux is AMAZING. A-MAZing. It is in the same color family as Mendocino by Heather Ross. Just the perfect mix of soft pink with pale peach undertones, but not too matchy-matchy. The bijoux magenta also mixes well with Heather Ross's Mendocino. I loved Mendocino.... I am just sayin'. (Mendocino on the top and bijoux on the bottom)

Natalie is all about matching. I love her sketches. :)
2.) The feel of Art Gallery fabrics is like none-other. Amazing. You have got to try it out and see if it is for you. I just do not think that I can capture the feel of these fabrics with a picture. Sorry, so here is a really, ridiculously cute picture of one of my greyhounds.

3.) It is pretty cool to see Pantone's color of the year (Emerald) used, but not overwhelmingly. I like it as an accent in this fabric line.

I will post up something fun for tomorrow's giveaway tomorrow!

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

April's Fun-Filled and Action-Packed Post!

I am managing to sneak in a quick little post!! I did not miss April this year!

Life has been incredibly busy over here. Our greyhounds have been keeping us on our toes with one visit and overnight sleepover at our vet's office, we have finished the demolition on our house project and submitted for permits, we taken our boat out quite a few times already, are lucky enough to have my brother, sister-in-law, and nephew newly moved to the valley, I have managed a few social obligations with my gal-pals, and I have not fallen behind on too many sewing commitments! Busy few months! YES! Fist-pump!

So let's start off with a picture of the boys... scratch that. How about just Woody because Ihop is super camera shy and absolutely will not let me take his picture. Aren't dogs funny? Here is Woody and I on our Run For Boston run. After the bombing of the Boston Marathon, my heart was broken for the people who were injured in spirit and body. I ran because I could. I ran because it was all I could do. I cannot even describe the feeling other than the extreme need to get out and run. I am still working out my fall/winter race schedule... For sure the NWM in San Francisco, the Tinkerbell half in Disneyland, and considering the Princess half in Disneyworld.

Running for Boston
He is a good little running buddy. AND I feel like a princess when I wear my sparkly headband. I bought this headband from Sweaty Bands, but I have made a bunch more. Love them! It's OK to look pretty when you're working out. :)

Now for the housing update!!! We have completed the demolition phase!! It only took us 3 years in hearings and more patience than I am physically able to muster without exploding. There is absolutely no going back at this point. None. So here is the not-so-pretty end result!! We love it!

Looks kind of small and scary, but it is what needed to happen.
Even with a house completely torn apart and living across the street, I have somehow managed to mail off my 3x6 Modern Mini Bee, 4x5 Modern Bee, Do Good Stitches, Always Bee Learning, and That Stash Bee blocks all out (relatively) on time!!! That has been quite the achievement.

Are you ready for rapid-fire quilt blocks?? Here we go!!

Here is one round of the 4x5 Bee blocks completed!! I used the paper-pieced pattern by Six White Horses fond here: Sharp Chevron Pattern. I really enjoyed this pattern, and had a fun time putting together a palate using colors that I would not have selected on my own. I would consider this beginner-to-moderate skill level with lovely results.

4x5 Paper Pieced Sharp Chevron Bee Blocks (I will make mine after my half marathon this weekend!)
I just loved how these blocks turned out. Paper piecing always gives me such pretty blocks. <3
Here are the blocks from my second round in the 4x5 bee. This time, I used the paper pieced pattern by Mommy's Nap Time found here. This pattern was fun as well, but I would definitely consider it an advanced paper-pieced pattern. I might be addicted to paper piecing. Intervention? :)

4x5 Bee Blocks for Hive 7
Sorry about the design wall, but aren't these blocks pretty!
Now the 3x6 blocks! I whipped up a bunch of Road To Fortune blocks! In one of my other bees, Kelli asked for this paper-pieced block (I told you I was quickly becoming obsessed with paper-piecing!) and I fell in love. This girl has got awesome taste!! Check out her blog Small Town Stitcher.

3x6 Hive H blocks completed!!
I loved this block so much and had not grown tired of piecing it and managed to even make a block for myself!

Now for That Stash!! We made some super fun blocks and these quilts will be going to people who need lots of love and hugs right now.

We were asked to come up with some woven blocks in The University of Florida quilt in Gator blue and orange! We used Moda Bake Shop's tutorial found here. I found these blocks to be just free-form enough to keep me on my toes.

That Stash Bee blocks for Whitney
Orange truly is one color area lacking in my stash! Must go shopping!
Then we were asked to make stars or the words 'love' 'faith' 'hope' in rainbow colors. I made a Swoon block. It was my first time with the Swoon pattern and I really liked it! It did help that the block (unfinished) is 24.5x24.5. Love that!!

Scrappy Swoon block for That Stash Bee
I had a hard time figuring out what color I wanted in the center. Reddish-orange looked like a winner to me!
Now for the do Good Stitches quilt and quilt blocks!! Kim asked for us to make improv blocks with dark blue, indigo, nightfall, and eggplant for the backgrounds. Cool. AND she asked for larger/longer blocks which was a really neat idea. So we sent in 12.5 x 33 inch blocks! Love that idea!!! I was assigned pink stars (WAHOO! I love pink and seriously, a quarter of my stash is composed of pinks so I knew I was in business).

Starry Night March dGS bee block
I added some texty prints for the background to match better with some of the other blocks that were created. I really like the look of it, it appears to sparkle more to me this way. Excited to see how Kim puts this pretty quilt together.
Is this beginning to look/sound like an infomercial? At least it has got to be a little bit more entertaining, right?

Now for the Always Bee Learning blocks. Caryn picked up a last minute opening and asked the group to create rainbow-colored Octagonal Orb blocks that she will put together into a quilt for Siblings Together charity based out of London (supported by The Fat Quarterly Retreat team). Siblings Together is a group that brings foster children to a summer camp where they can spend time with their siblings who are fostered elsewhere. The FQ team is looking to send each child home with a quilt, so we were asked to keep it awesome enough for a guy. Easy peasy. We used the Modern Quilt Guild Octagonal Orb Block tutorial found here. And here is my block below. I really enjoyed how quickly this block went together once all of the cutting and color selection was complete. What a rad block. I will probably make a few more of my own for a baby quilt (?). What an impact these blocks make.

Always Bee Learning Octagonal Orb block Using the Modern Quilt Guild Tutorial
Oh it was difficult to part with this pretty block. It almost looks like an eye, doesn't it?

Now for other random goodness!!! I finally finished quilting and binding Empower do Good Stitches Flying Geese quilt! YAY! Our circle has some talent! I always love the blocks that I receive to build the quilt.

Empower's do Good Quilt is DONE!!
Love how she turned out!

Mike and Meesh
This handsome husband of mine were lucky enough to see some of our closest friends get married! I love this guy.

Three Things That Make Me Happy:

1. I am thankful for my super supportive, smart, caring, and thoughtful husband. We have been married for just over 3 years and I still adore this man. I am so blessed. <3 <3
Mike and Michonne
We like to have fun :)
2.) I am thankful and happy that I was able to run the Tinkerbell half in Disneyland this year and then the Disney Princess half in Disneyworld in the same calendar year and was able to earn the Coast to Coast medal as well. Loved these two runs. Both mean something special to me. What a good year. I am looking forward to running at least the Tinkerbell. I also hope to improve some half marathon times, would be nice to crack the 2 hour mark. On another note, I WISH that I did not have to work full time. I want to qualify for Boston. With all my heart. That is a close second on my list of things to accomplish in the next year. Second only to having a baby.

Coast to Coast PLUS Disney Princess half medal
Love Girl-Power-Yeah races!! Being a girl can be super awesome. SUPER. AWESOME.
3.) I am super happy that my little brother, his bride (check out her fabulous and funny blog here), and their sweet little boy have moved to the valley! I will be able to spend time watching their little one grow up AND I can spend time with them!! I am so super duper excited, I hope that I do not suffocate them with all of my planning, texting, and wanting to be around them all the time.
This was an action shot from baby's first birthday. I LOVE these people. Big time. <3 <3
And another birthday picture for good measure. Too much birthday for this little guy.
Have a great week!!!