Thursday, March 24, 2011

Spring Break Day #3

Day # 3 was incredibly productive :) Started off with a 3.5 mile run that felt absolutely AMAZING! I started the run not even caring what my finish time would be, but instead I chose to focus on my form: more importantly, my knee lift. I think this will help me to become less of a 'lazy' runner. THEN, I finished up quilting on the HST (Strawberry Shortcake) Quilt and sewed on one side of the binding for for both HST and Prism Quilts. I waited until this morning to take pictures as it was too dark and the pictures would have been incredibly crummy.

So this morning I had coffee and a little binding project. Love those types of mornings. I was also serenaded by the most adorable of mocking birds. I am desperately trying to teach my neighborhood Mocking Bird population to learn the Mountain Chickadee call. It is the best call in the entire world, in my opinion. These little guys basically sing 'Cheeeeese-Burger' all the live long day. Sure there is speculation out there that these little cuties are singing 'Storrrrrm-Trooper' but those people are no right. These little guys are on the never-ending adventure to find the ultimate cheeseburger. All kidding aside, these birdies are adorable and I have only seen/heard them in Northern Nevada/Tahoe. It makes me sad that they do not fly down to Arizona during the winter months :(

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