Sunday, March 6, 2011

Pinning : Quilt-Sandwich-Sunday

This is one of my go-to bands. When I am completely unmotivated to run, when I am down in the dumps mentally, or generally when I am doing something that I just do not want to be doing. There was a point in time when I lived in Reno and was completing my residency that I remember Save Yourself following me around. It would be on my running playlist, on randomly in the house, the car, or at the Albertson's that I would grocery shop. It always gave me a little smile :) Still does.
My beautiful old bungalow (sold now!)

Jeff's beautiful Craftsman

Mike and I's (when the grass was dead and honeysuckle plants still lived by the bottle brush tree)
Pretty green grass and NO honeysuckle. We traded them in for baby rose bushes (climbers).
This was right across the street (kitty korner I guess) from my old bungalow. We affectionately referred to this house as Moulin Rouge. Not kidding. It truly was a circus.

My Sunday was full of historic homes (Coronado Home Tour), Classic Cars (Coronado Home Tour Classic Car Show), sewing quilt backs, making quilt sandwiches, and pinning, and pinning, and pinning.... Yikes! Pinning usually tends to be my stalling point. Sore fingers, the up-down, up-down, and my intolerance of imperfection can be paralyzingly frustrating.

I now have two pink baby quilts and a pink and blue quilt ready to go. I haven't touched the New Wave quilt because quite frankly, I don't think that my fingers have enough skin to make it through half a row of pinning without making the entire area a soggy, bloody mess. That would be bad. Very bad.

So here are the three waiting to be quilted:

1. My Patchwork Prism in Peach and Pink (100% stash!!!!) Yay :)

Close up
(crummy, sorry) Picture of my Patchwork Prism Quilt 

2.) Strawberry Shortcake (half square triangles) quilt (ALSO 100% stash!!!) Double Yay!
Close up

And the crummy full-length (I need a new camera :(  )
3.) Pink and Blue Lawn Chair Quilt (Kind of disappointed in the background fabric, but whateves). Learning experience AND yet again ---- 100% stash! YA!
Close up - colors are most accurate here
Ha! This picture is terrible. I definately need a new camera, huh? ;)
4.) And here's the unpinned New Wave Quilt Top: (Also stash)
Lots of polka dots! Love it!

Having all of these distractions are absolutely what I need right now. There are a bunch of things on my plate. I am leaving my current job with my last day being on the 18th of this month. I am then starting back at my previous hospital on the 28th. {stressful} I am also planning on running a marathon in October [Nike Women's Marathon - if I win the lotto], a second in November [Tucson], and then the Tough Mudder in September [Tahoe with my brother].  I think that I need to find some sort of distraction April-September.

September: Lake Tahoe Tough Mudder

October: San Francisco Nike Women's FULL Marathon

December: Tucson FULL Marathon

I guess I could explain a tiny bit about my need for multiples distraction. I want children really badly. The husband is not ready. My clock is ticking so loudly that I am shocked that I have not gotten a ticket from the City of Phoenix for being the loud-music/ticking-biological-clock-neighbor. I have tons of friends who are having babies right now and this only makes the waiting process a little bit tougher in a small and selfish way. But we have decided as a team to continue to wait on children. SO in a nutshell, I need to find lots of distractions so that 1.) I don't pester my husband and 2.) I can continue to be a strong team member in our decision. Anyone have any good ideas for distraction besides running and quilting? Quilting gets a bit spendy and running is impossible outside in Phoenix during the summer months!  Ideas?

This should make me feel better right?

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