Monday, March 28, 2011

Back To Work

I start back to the old grindstone today. Kind of looking forward to seeing my old friends again, however nervous about the balance as there are a bunch of new people on board that I haven't really worked with before. It is a really tiny department, so this all matters of course!! :)

I had a wonderful Grown UP Spring Break though! Spent the majority of it sewing, sitting outside, picking up running again, listening to our little mocking birds, drinking coffee, and enjoying the beautiful Phoenix Spring air. Love this time of year in Phoenix, so I am very thankful for my week of 'rest'.

I am still working on the machine-pieced hexagon baby quilt. It really is a good challenge for me right now. I am successful with the Y seams (for the most part). Sure, one will get the best of me every now and then, but I am beginning to understand how to fix the problems when I see them, which is a nice little change as usually I just end up staring at the boo-boo and then quietly fold the project up and stuff it in a drawer somewhere never to be worked on again.

I have 5 rows happily sewn together. I am sewing rows in pairs and then sewing pairs to the larger piece. I find that the smaller the top piece, the easier the entire project is to manipulate underneath the machine. I also took a picture of where I wanted each hexagon to live while up on my design wall. I think that this (along with numbering each vertical row) has been incredibly helpful and time-saving for me.

I really do love how this quilt is turning out. I think that I will likely quilt echoing the hexie shapes. Any other ideas? Recommendations? Experiences? Tips or pointers in quilting hexagons?

Thank-you in advance! oxoxo

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