Monday, March 21, 2011

Spring Break Day #1

Photo by Lyrics by Jamie's Elsewhere (Burn Away) <3 <3
Are we ever really be too old to have Spring Break?!? I remember loving this time of year in college. I would think, 'Oh man, good thing we have this break because school is really killing me!' HA! Spin the clock forward to right now living in the real world where the relentless 40+ hours/week work-life is awesome and you don't get to have Spring Break :( Boo. I think I might vote for a politician that would lobby for Spring Break for big kids. (kidding)

In other incredibly important news, today marks the first day (not including the lovely weekend) that I am in-between jobs! You better believe that I am working to enjoy every minute of my week-long freedom. I got up this morning and started off with an 8am 3 mile run in the wind and Phoenix rain. Yes, we actually do have wind sometimes. It is usually a welcomed event as it so kindly pushes the smog out of the valley, but for some reason today the smog is not budging. Total bummer.

Then I met the hubs for lunch and then picked up some pain meds for my neighbor who just had an out-patient surgery today. I was also nearly molested at the neighborhood Walgreen's by while picking up the neighbor's meds. I thought this older gentleman was going to be just that: a gentleman while we were having a normal, everyday conversation. BUT then he touched my chest and wanted to talk about the NIKE insignia that I was wearing. My first instinct was to punch him in the face, but instead I started backpedaling, I had to get away from him without causing a scene. To make a long story short, it was akward but I made it out alive and scarred and I can't get the smell of Preparation H out of my head. Ugh.

Moving on.

I am now able to quilt! I am just starting on a hexagon quilt for one of my girlfriends who is having a little boy at the end of May. One of our mutual friend's son thinks the baby's name will be Optimus Prime! I love kids and their imaginations. I wish we could name our children such names! ;)
The theme is green and blue (she loves owls so I figured out a way to sneak some in).

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