Sunday, August 22, 2010

Quest to Find the Perfect Sports Bra

This just isn't something you can do to yourself on a daily basis...

 Even though I have found two super great sports bras, I find that I continue to wear 2-3 bras at a time. There is still too much movement with 2-3 that I get a raw spot right on the front of my rib cage. It is quite painful and it really never heals as I'm running almost every day with one day off here and there (max 2 days/week). It's awesome, I'll have to post a picture of my pretty scars sometime. Maybe another day.

This is cute, but I'm sure that I would probably injure myself.  

I have mentioned the Last Resort bra, but my other favorite is the 3-Reasons bra. Both are from Title Nine. I find that I put the 3-Reasons on first and then the Last Resort on second. The Last Resort bra is longer, like I had mentioned, but it still rubs on the top portion near my neck once it gets wet from >1 hour of running in the 90+ Arizona heat. This is somewhat new to me as I've always had lower-cut bras that never hit me near my neckline. Really though, it is incredibly distracting when you're really just trying to push through to the last 2 miles of your long run and for this reason, I will always wear a separate bra underneath the Last Resort bra.

OK, off to go run 5 miles. I can only procrastinate for so long. Seriously though, if someone could just build a contraption that would squish those puppies down for zero movement and no chafing (I do hate that word), I would pay $$ for it. It would be awesome.

Does anyone out there in the blog-o-sphere have any good recommendations on a run-proof, water-repellant, comfortable, and affordable sports bra? You know, the kind where you only have to wear one at a time?

Here's to hoping some engineering student figures out the ultimate answer to this problem.

P.S. On another note, I just found this website: It seems pretty cool.
I tried out one of their recommendations for side aches: Exhale when your left foot hits the ground instead of your right (because exhaling when your right foot hits, it pulls your liver down (makes sense) while your diaphragm is trying to push up and that poor little ligament gets strained (also makes sense)). I didn't get a side ache at all today. Maybe the real and true challenge will be tomorrow's 16 mile-er.

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