Saturday, August 28, 2010

The Power of Music

I love how a song can bring up a memory from (and yes I can finally say this now) decades ago. Right now I am reminiscing with a Dashboard Confessional song 'Stolen' which came out in 2006. I was definately having the time of my life in Reno finishing up my residency, living with one of my best friends - my brother, running, working, and being free-foot and fancy! It amazes me when I am reviewing my run how my pace picks up when songs I love come on (even if slow BPM) just because I love the beat, the lyrics, or some fancy memory in the back of my mind is brought to the front.

Phoenix has cooled off the past two days! It has been soooo incredibly nice running outside, albeit a track, but I'm outside! I am choosing to run on a track for my long runs because I do not want to accidentally cheat myself out of any mileage. I am still in my building phase and I cannot afford to shortcut myself at any point.

Anyways, I have decided that I need to start updating with some pictures of me..... when I find cool things during my (outdoor) runs etc. Make this blog as awesome as my run-to-the-marathon is. This is me when I'm getting all fired up to go running at the college track near home. This is obviously an older picture: 1.) I have fake eyelashes on (from the wedding) and 2.) I am wearing long sleeves, something that no one in Phoenix can do this time of year or for the past 4 months. Hello Game Face.

Also I am going to be working on another quilt... No, the string quilt is not done yet but something has come up and that baby was not ready for the world. I will likely still finish it and get it to my friends, but sadly no rush order on that one. Also, one of my close girls is moving to Austin in the next couple of weeks so I need to get my tootsies moving on a going-away quilt for her. Really, this girl has been incredibly instrumental to the person that I have become and the professional that I want to be. I will miss her friendship and professional parallels so very much that I have no fear about staying in touch and I know that we most definately will!

Anyways, here's what I have planned out (but not this color scheme - above) and tonight's run is going to be 10 miles!! It's supposedly 96 degrees right now, as long as it cools down to 90/91 then I'm totally running outside. Woot!

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