Saturday, August 21, 2010

Blisters Smite Me: I WILL Conquer Them!

I am having a fight with three blisters in particular. One is a compression blister that doesn't really bother me much (on the ball of my right foot), but then I have two friction blisters on each of my second toes from two toes fighting whilst I am running. Owie.

After doing some research, I think that I am going to opt to individually tape the two toes causing the blister. I am not sure that I would like the feeling of Vaseline (which is another recommendation) because I'll be sliding around in my shoe.

Last night was my second longest run this week: 9 miles. Wasn't all that bad because it was intervals, which I love. Run an 800, then walk a 400 (complete each in the same amount of time).  This really seems to work for me both on the treadmill as well as street running b/c I can have mini-goals along the way. I must be an ADHD runner. ;) haha!

I am also starting to be able to tolerate drinking and eating while running. When I first started training, water didn't sit very well in my stomach and food made me almost keel over in pain and wretching.

54 more days until the big 26.2 - EXCITED!!!

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