Thursday, August 19, 2010

Creative Motivation

I listened to an NPR Podcast tonight for my 4-mile run. This American Life. It was actually pretty interesting, about modern day, real life, super heros. The opening asked the listener if we would rather have the magical power of invisibility OR the power of flight. It was distracting for 4 miles. I was happy.

It only took about 1 mile to break in my ankle scab (treadmill road-rash) and then I didn't really feel it anymore. It's all red and puffy right now. NOT a good thing for a 3 day old wound. . . . it might not look ginormous, but I guess I have a low threshold for pain. It does not feel good.

My leg + war wound :(

On the sewing front, I am anxious to find a really, really cool modern-ish quilt-a-long. I really liked the zig-zag quilts, the string quilt, the mix tape, the new wave, and the pieced squares. What next??
My version of a zig zag quilt   
My Mix Tape Quilt
My New Wave Quilt
My Pieced Square Quilt


  1. Hope your treadmill road rash wound is all healed up! If you're still looking for a cool quilt-along, Heather from alamode fabric is starting round 2 of the Quilt-As-You-Go-Along on September 8th. :)

  2. I am a little late in replying :( I didn't realize anyone had commented (or noticed me out here in cyber-space...) Maybe there will be a 3rd one I an follow along with! Thanks :)