Sunday, January 23, 2011

First Quilt-A-Long

Is there anyone else out there who love Jimmy Eat World the way that I do? I love putting their music on while I am sewing :)

I started my very first quilt along with the Fat Quarterly Quilt-A-Long that started back in August 2010...

Yes, I am a little bit late in getting finished up. I did start on time, I will have you know, but then the quilt blocks sat around in my sewing room just laying there sad and lonely. :( You will also see that my final quilt is very different than the actual quilt I was supposed to make. I am terrible at following directions AND terrible at using up fabric that I love. It is definately something that I am going to work at this year - use it up and get it outta my sewing room!! :)

When I first started cutting into the beautiful Nicey Jane fabric, I didn't know how much to cut b/c I was planning on making a baby quilt (at the most). Then I realized that I needed to do something to modify the pattern b/c I wouldn't have enough fabric (b/c I didn't cut into all of it). SO insert the white crosses every other block. I think it looks pretty cute AND it allowed me to save some extra fabric that I ended up using for purses as Christmas presents.

I am finally at the pinning stage! I love the quilting part, sure it stresses me out b/c it's the creative part, but it sure is fun :)

One of my favorite things about a finished quilt is the border. I love having a BIG border with something unexpected or fun in it.

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