Sunday, January 16, 2011

Feeling Motivated to Sew!

Courtesy of Natalie Dee

I have been feeling extremely motivated to pick up and get sewing right now. Good thing, too! I have a girlfriend who is due any day now, my brother will be getting married in 5 months, another girlfriend is due (we find out what she is having tomorrow!!!) in 5 months, AND I just now realized that I have never made a quilt for my BFF...

Here is my latest project that I finally finished up! It's a STRING QUILT! I started this about 5 months ago... and then ended up just piling it at the top of my 'find-time-to-do-this-maybe-next-year' pile of incomplete projects. :) I wanted to use up some of my pink stash, and then I decided that I wanted some yellow in there to give it a little bit more movement.

I think pink and yellow look pretty together.
Here's a sneak peak of the BFF's quilt (both front and back):

The top (unquilted) atop another quilt I made about 9 years ago.

The back of BFF's unquilted quilt!
That's all I have been up to. I really need to find that motivation to go running one time.... Today was the PF Chang's Rock N Roll Marathon. I didn't even go and support :( Boo.

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