Sunday, April 17, 2011

Hexagon Quilt Update

Isn't this guy called a Domoken or something? Anyways, he's cute and wanted to take center stage on the el-blog :)
My friend's baby shower went off without a single hitch this past weekend! It was so much fun not playing all the akward smell baby diapers, toilet paper dress-up, babies in ice cubes, and typical baby shower games. It was nice to have adult conversation, coo over the 10 month old and 7 month old twin babies. Had. A. Blast.

The pinatas turned out adorable. My mom read about the progress on the blog and thought that the were 'baby rattles' which got me to thinking... YES! I'll make baby rattle pinatas! Thanks Mom :) They were quite the hit!

Sara received all sorts of awesome baby things. I'll have to get a photo of the quilt Mom made for Sara. LOVE. IT. Turquoise with lime greens and the perfect amount of white.

I still haven't finished her hexagon quilt, so I took snippets of each of the fabrics and stuffed them into a makeshift card (I half ass way too many things in my life) which she ended up thinking was great. She is a good friend. :)

I did finally finish up the quilt top today. Sara requested the navy blue for a border. I wanted to both make the quilt a little bit larger as well as give it a mini-wow-factor, something that would give it depth, but not distract too much from the central design. I hope I accomplished this.

Hootie Hexagon Baby Quilt

Hootie Hexagon Baby Quilt

I was really nervous about cutting the hexagon edges down to make the central square portion. I was afraid that it would look wonky or silly. I ended up cutting the horizontal hexies exactly in half using the points as my guide. As far as the vertical hexies (the ones that would end up with cuts through the center of the block with no corner to guide the cuts) I measured the distance of the top, divided by 2 and added 1/4 inch so that when finished, the hexagons along the side of the quilt would look just like a hexagon folded in half. I'm not disappointed, which is a big deal for me because I feel as though not all of my ideas play out as nicely in real life as they measure/look/seem in my head. I am hoping that I am getting better at this whole interpretation thing.

Now I am working on piecing an improvised nine-patch section with leftover fabric for a portion of the back and then I will be off to quilt this one. I am thinking of stitching inside each hexagon 1/4 inch all the way around and then some sort of straight-line quilting for the borders. Ideas? Recommendations?

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Not Muching Going On Over Here, But Check Out This Adorable Baby Piglet!

I've got nothing today. Working the '$hit $hift' is what I've been told it is called. Late enough in the morning that you can't do anything, but goes late enough into the evening that you're not doing anything at night either. Good thing I'm rotating through and won't be back in this time slot for another month or so. Ick.

Because I've got nothing (really) to report, here's a super adorable baby piglet. Want this little guy!!




Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Charlie Brown Quilt

Three Initial Fabrics
My friend Courtney gave me these three fabrics, the green dots, the tan giraffe, and the dark brown diamonds. They were used as decor at her baby shower (almost a year ago) and she wanted me to make her a quilt out of the three. There is just about a half a yard of each print mind you. I was unsure whether or not this would be enough variation in fabrics as well as actual yardage to make anything worthwhile, so I asked if I could add a few prints and she was fine with it. She also didn't have any specific quilt pattern in mind, so I could do whatever I wanted. Cool!

With 3 Fabrics I added
Of course, being the white-fabric-fan that I am, I added Kona Snow, the cute turquoise houndstooth, and the brown owls. I felt that there needed to be more variation in both color and print size. Not that I am any sort of color, hue, or hue magic wizard or anything by any means, just my gut feeling. AND sometimes my gut feeling gets me into trouble, so I was somewhat nervous to hack into Courtney's fabric.

Charlie Brown Zig Zag Quilt

Charlie Brown Zig Zag Quilt Top

I ended up following the tutorial that Amanda Jean (Crazy Mom Quilts) created and posted for Bee Square Blog using rectangles. I realize that I am well over 2 years past the tutorial bandwagon on this one. Sometimes I just take a while to be talked into something, geez. Point is that this tutorial is really good, went along incredibly quickly and effortlessly, and I am incredibly happy with the end product. I'm hoping that Courtney likes it too.

Anyone out there in blogging land have any Go-To borders for their quilts? Something you have been dying to try? I love the idea of a border, I think it is much like a photo mat, in that it nicely frames your quilt and makes it look finished. That being said, I am kind of picky when it comes to colors I select. My preference is not of the persuasion to have a light border inside of a dark border (I much prefer the opposite). I love to see a good, dark border (if using multiple borders) on the inside with the lighter color on the outside (just like a photo mat). Kind of like eyeliner. I don't know, it's one of my quirks.

On another note: The naming of this quilt to be exact. The hubs is the one who named this one. He came home from work yesterday and immediately perked up when he saw the quilt on the ironing board, 'Hey, you're making a Charlie Brown Quilt, is this one for us?' Then I had to let him down gently, 'Nope, this is another quilt that is not going to be ours.' He didn't seem to mind incredibly, but he did come up with a cute name.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

I Do Not Have a Homemade Quilt on My Bed (embarrassed to admit)

I am completely embarrassed to call myself any sort of quilter primarily because the bed in my bedroom is not a quilt that I made. Sad, yes. It is a whole cloth bedspread that the hubby bought from Target before we were married.

I am one of those people who can become completely paralyzed in my decision-making process if I think about something too much. I have up until quite recently always been so overly concerned that I will grow weary of the bedspread in 3+ years or that I will hate it, so why even bother. OR What if the hubby doesn't like it? OR What if it doesn't turn out exactly how I hope/wish that it should? (Wow, really? I have been thinking this? Ugh.)

I randomly stumbled across the Flickr Naked Bed Group and think that I might just have to put something together for our bed that I can be proud of. I am almost done with the hexagon quilt and have no immediate plans for anything (aside from the Single Girl Quilt) so I feel that I can do this!

Cute little button, right? Now I just need to commit to something. I really like the idea of following something that has a vintage or traditional feel to it. Especially after all of these modern quilts that I have been sewing lately.

Here are some of my ideas for this challenge:

I have this pattern sitting in my sewing room...
Love the look of the Improved Nine Patch, ESPECIALLY in these colors... love me some yellow.

Or a plain ol' zig zag! Lurve.
And how could a  Wedding Ring quilt not come to mind. LOVE. THIS.
Absolutely LOOOOVE this one....but in yellow. ha!
Whichever way I go, I really hope to make it as scrappy as possible. Like I said, I have GOT to whittle away at my stash!!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Terry Cloth Towel Turned Mug Rug

My mom and I kind of have a 'thing' for lack of a better word. We send each other fun packages at random, but no matter what the reason for the package, the contents of the package, and the size of the package, it always contains a pair of socks. Why? Because they are easy to find, not complicated to find sizes for other people, and are always called for because they are so incredibly cute!


34/365 matchy-matchy


So, I think you get the idea.... socks are awesome, especially with lots of color and business going on.

With Easter coming up, I am looking forward to sending Mom a new package. I was in Joanne's today picking up a particular brand of black thread (because you know that you cannot switch up brands in the middle of a project - ESPECIALLY with the color black) and I thought 'Gee, I should make Mom a mug rug' and in my ADHD state, I was quickly distracted by a cute pair of socks she would love, so I became even more committed to the project. I was not wanting to wait in lone for a quarter of a yard of some sort of Eastery fabric. I just didn't have it in me. In the Easter aisle, I passed on the whisks, the spatulas, and the ceramic egg holders. Boo. Then, I hit the jackpot! There were the 50% off Easter hand towels. They would be perfect as a central focal point!

I did not use any batting with this project. I used the remainder of the soft terry cloth towel for the backing and it really is just thick enough! I am quite impressed with how well this turned out.
And this is what I came up with:
Towel Turned Mug Rug

Easter Mug Rug Inspired by Pink Socks

Close Up of Easter Mug Rug

The pink, blues, and yellow binding came from my stash (YAY!). And match the Easter socks pretty dang well! Now I just need to package up some fun fabric (vintagey-ish) that resembles the Girl Scout Trefoil logo. Mom will love it! can't wait to send the package off.....once the fabric is received. (I bought it from

Friday, April 8, 2011

Busy Bee on This Friday!

I love days off from work in the middle of the week! Sure the whole working-the-weekend-thing pretty much stinks, however it is just how the whole hospital-jobby-job thing works.

So today, I worked on finishing up the quilt top for the Hootie Hexagon Quilt. I've got to get a movin' as the baby shower is next weekend!!! YIKES!

So all of my incomplete seams are all finished up! I am really excited to have challenged myself. I asked the mama-to-be what color she would prefer for the border (my old standby is white) and she wants navy blue. This is a good thing for me to be forced outside of my itty bitty comfort zone. Excitement.

Hootie Hexagon Quilt Top

It was windy outside

And my, oh my was it windy outside this afternoon! Hooray for wavy quilt pictures.

Also, I made a super duper quick little mug rug the other day with leftover scraps from my Colorwheel Quilt. :) I have been saving them for quite a bit looking for something I could use them on and a mug rug (or iPhone placemat as the hubby calls them) was the perfect thing.

Second Mug Rug

up close
Second Mug Rug

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Mini Pinata Attempt Number Two

Second Mini Piñata Attempt

Attempt number two! Much nicer looking. Much less shaggy and unkempt. I decided to use thinner strips (instead of 3.5 inch strips) I used roughly 1-1.25 inch strips and I think it looks better. Plus, I finally figured out how much overlap I like. I like things to look relatively neat and tidy, so I like to see distinct separation between each row as well as each color. Now that I have one pinata that I am not embarrassed about, I just need to make roughly 29 more. YIKES.


These guys are pretty tiny. Courtesy of the hubby's Corona, love that guy.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Planning a baby shower...

As I have mentioned before, one of my best girlfriends is having a little boy in the next ten to twelve weeks. I am a co-hostess (I guess?) and the color palate we have chosen is turquoise and bright green (no brown as a request). It was handpicked by our mama-to-be and matches my Owlie Hexie quilt that is STILL in progress - yikes!!!

I have found some lovely inspiration for party favors over at the blog Ruffled. Super love at first sight.

I will be making these itty bitty, completely adorable little guys. Only in our colorway (which is only slightly different and a bit brighter!).

Baby Shower Colors

Here's the start!! Wish me luck!
Soon to be Party Favors!!

Baby Shower Piñata
Eeek! It's hair is way too long! These things are teensy-tiny, it's going to be a bunch of work to make sure that the tissue paper isn't going to be either too thick or too long and end up overwhelming the small little round shape.

This is standard operating procedure for me: First try does not really work out all that well BUT it works for me ;) I'll have a super-cute 2nd attempt. More to follow tomorrow!!! xoxoxo

Monday, April 4, 2011

Things Happen For A Reason

Something I routinely tell myself and others.... Just keep on keepin' on and smile. :)

Saturday, April 2, 2011

In My Head

I love being an aunt. We took the hubby's sister's family (which includes two of our three nephews) to an ice hockey game last night. It was a surprise because they thought we were going to drag them to a ballet. Ha! We're tricksters. More family time now <3

But man, I sure do have a hankering to make a Mug Rug!!!This Mug Rug Madness Flickr page has me itching to start something new.

Friday, April 1, 2011

It's All In The Details

We have family in town! Which means more fun times outside and less time posting on this blog for the next few days!!