Tuesday, April 30, 2013

April's Fun-Filled and Action-Packed Post!

I am managing to sneak in a quick little post!! I did not miss April this year!

Life has been incredibly busy over here. Our greyhounds have been keeping us on our toes with one visit and overnight sleepover at our vet's office, we have finished the demolition on our house project and submitted for permits, we taken our boat out quite a few times already, are lucky enough to have my brother, sister-in-law, and nephew newly moved to the valley, I have managed a few social obligations with my gal-pals, and I have not fallen behind on too many sewing commitments! Busy few months! YES! Fist-pump!

So let's start off with a picture of the boys... scratch that. How about just Woody because Ihop is super camera shy and absolutely will not let me take his picture. Aren't dogs funny? Here is Woody and I on our Run For Boston run. After the bombing of the Boston Marathon, my heart was broken for the people who were injured in spirit and body. I ran because I could. I ran because it was all I could do. I cannot even describe the feeling other than the extreme need to get out and run. I am still working out my fall/winter race schedule... For sure the NWM in San Francisco, the Tinkerbell half in Disneyland, and considering the Princess half in Disneyworld.

Running for Boston
He is a good little running buddy. AND I feel like a princess when I wear my sparkly headband. I bought this headband from Sweaty Bands, but I have made a bunch more. Love them! It's OK to look pretty when you're working out. :)

Now for the housing update!!! We have completed the demolition phase!! It only took us 3 years in hearings and more patience than I am physically able to muster without exploding. There is absolutely no going back at this point. None. So here is the not-so-pretty end result!! We love it!

Looks kind of small and scary, but it is what needed to happen.
Even with a house completely torn apart and living across the street, I have somehow managed to mail off my 3x6 Modern Mini Bee, 4x5 Modern Bee, Do Good Stitches, Always Bee Learning, and That Stash Bee blocks all out (relatively) on time!!! That has been quite the achievement.

Are you ready for rapid-fire quilt blocks?? Here we go!!

Here is one round of the 4x5 Bee blocks completed!! I used the paper-pieced pattern by Six White Horses fond here: Sharp Chevron Pattern. I really enjoyed this pattern, and had a fun time putting together a palate using colors that I would not have selected on my own. I would consider this beginner-to-moderate skill level with lovely results.

4x5 Paper Pieced Sharp Chevron Bee Blocks (I will make mine after my half marathon this weekend!)
I just loved how these blocks turned out. Paper piecing always gives me such pretty blocks. <3
Here are the blocks from my second round in the 4x5 bee. This time, I used the paper pieced pattern by Mommy's Nap Time found here. This pattern was fun as well, but I would definitely consider it an advanced paper-pieced pattern. I might be addicted to paper piecing. Intervention? :)

4x5 Bee Blocks for Hive 7
Sorry about the design wall, but aren't these blocks pretty!
Now the 3x6 blocks! I whipped up a bunch of Road To Fortune blocks! In one of my other bees, Kelli asked for this paper-pieced block (I told you I was quickly becoming obsessed with paper-piecing!) and I fell in love. This girl has got awesome taste!! Check out her blog Small Town Stitcher.

3x6 Hive H blocks completed!!
I loved this block so much and had not grown tired of piecing it and managed to even make a block for myself!

Now for That Stash!! We made some super fun blocks and these quilts will be going to people who need lots of love and hugs right now.

We were asked to come up with some woven blocks in The University of Florida quilt in Gator blue and orange! We used Moda Bake Shop's tutorial found here. I found these blocks to be just free-form enough to keep me on my toes.

That Stash Bee blocks for Whitney
Orange truly is one color area lacking in my stash! Must go shopping!
Then we were asked to make stars or the words 'love' 'faith' 'hope' in rainbow colors. I made a Swoon block. It was my first time with the Swoon pattern and I really liked it! It did help that the block (unfinished) is 24.5x24.5. Love that!!

Scrappy Swoon block for That Stash Bee
I had a hard time figuring out what color I wanted in the center. Reddish-orange looked like a winner to me!
Now for the do Good Stitches quilt and quilt blocks!! Kim asked for us to make improv blocks with dark blue, indigo, nightfall, and eggplant for the backgrounds. Cool. AND she asked for larger/longer blocks which was a really neat idea. So we sent in 12.5 x 33 inch blocks! Love that idea!!! I was assigned pink stars (WAHOO! I love pink and seriously, a quarter of my stash is composed of pinks so I knew I was in business).

Starry Night March dGS bee block
I added some texty prints for the background to match better with some of the other blocks that were created. I really like the look of it, it appears to sparkle more to me this way. Excited to see how Kim puts this pretty quilt together.
Is this beginning to look/sound like an infomercial? At least it has got to be a little bit more entertaining, right?

Now for the Always Bee Learning blocks. Caryn picked up a last minute opening and asked the group to create rainbow-colored Octagonal Orb blocks that she will put together into a quilt for Siblings Together charity based out of London (supported by The Fat Quarterly Retreat team). Siblings Together is a group that brings foster children to a summer camp where they can spend time with their siblings who are fostered elsewhere. The FQ team is looking to send each child home with a quilt, so we were asked to keep it awesome enough for a guy. Easy peasy. We used the Modern Quilt Guild Octagonal Orb Block tutorial found here. And here is my block below. I really enjoyed how quickly this block went together once all of the cutting and color selection was complete. What a rad block. I will probably make a few more of my own for a baby quilt (?). What an impact these blocks make.

Always Bee Learning Octagonal Orb block Using the Modern Quilt Guild Tutorial
Oh it was difficult to part with this pretty block. It almost looks like an eye, doesn't it?

Now for other random goodness!!! I finally finished quilting and binding Empower do Good Stitches Flying Geese quilt! YAY! Our circle has some talent! I always love the blocks that I receive to build the quilt.

Empower's do Good Quilt is DONE!!
Love how she turned out!

Mike and Meesh
This handsome husband of mine were lucky enough to see some of our closest friends get married! I love this guy.

Three Things That Make Me Happy:

1. I am thankful for my super supportive, smart, caring, and thoughtful husband. We have been married for just over 3 years and I still adore this man. I am so blessed. <3 <3
Mike and Michonne
We like to have fun :)
2.) I am thankful and happy that I was able to run the Tinkerbell half in Disneyland this year and then the Disney Princess half in Disneyworld in the same calendar year and was able to earn the Coast to Coast medal as well. Loved these two runs. Both mean something special to me. What a good year. I am looking forward to running at least the Tinkerbell. I also hope to improve some half marathon times, would be nice to crack the 2 hour mark. On another note, I WISH that I did not have to work full time. I want to qualify for Boston. With all my heart. That is a close second on my list of things to accomplish in the next year. Second only to having a baby.

Coast to Coast PLUS Disney Princess half medal
Love Girl-Power-Yeah races!! Being a girl can be super awesome. SUPER. AWESOME.
3.) I am super happy that my little brother, his bride (check out her fabulous and funny blog here), and their sweet little boy have moved to the valley! I will be able to spend time watching their little one grow up AND I can spend time with them!! I am so super duper excited, I hope that I do not suffocate them with all of my planning, texting, and wanting to be around them all the time.
This was an action shot from baby's first birthday. I LOVE these people. Big time. <3 <3
And another birthday picture for good measure. Too much birthday for this little guy.
Have a great week!!!

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  1. You are awesome!! I am off to hunt up that star block for Oren's quilt. I'm on an easy one and that advanced paper piecing is all mine!