Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Who Has Been a Busy Little Bee? Me!

Getting really, really excited as our hearing with the Historic District is tomorrow!  Hopefully we will be approved (home addition + garage build). Fingers crossed and we will know more tomorrow afternoon!

I have had an incredibly successful 2 weeks (well sort of) in the sewing room. For my ABL group, Mad Maddy had us make her a fun big Carpenter's Wheel. Maddy sent out a really cool method on making HSTs....I really, really enjoyed this block and can see myself making a bunch (say four) for a perfect-sized baby quilt! Can you imagine the impact? Very adorable. (below)
ABL Carpenter's Wheel for Maddy 

As a part of my do. Good Stitches Empower group, Shannon From Hello My Name Is Quilt (PS she has an amazing blog, you'll have to check her out!) had us make these AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL rainbow string blocks. Now I am a big fan of string blocks and an even bigger fan of anything rainbow-y, so it was a natural sweet spot for me to play along with these blocks. I was even happier that I was able to use my scraps! Sad to see that my scrap bin didn't seem to shrink at all :( Boo. hahah :) I'm really, really excited to see Shannon's quilt come together and how she will quilt this beaut!

Shannon gave us Ashley's Tutorial to follow or if we were able to follow what she, herself had used - on her blog.

April dGS Rainbow String Block for Shannon
April dGS Rainbow String Block for Shannon 

Like I said, I have had an extremely productive past few weeks!! I also finished up Q1 of the 3x6 Mini Sampler Quilt Bee which was really, really fun. I was so nervous because it was my first time and I didn't want to disappoint anyone! I am a Caretaker this quarter to a super awesome group: Hive 10. Woot. Woot.

Here are my spoils from Q1 Hive 10 (below). Isn't it amazing how well these blocks go together? Love them. I even made a block for myself (along with the other 6 gals) and it is the top block. :) My dueling fish. Browns vs Yellows (thanks husband).

3x6 Bee Blocks Received!! Hive 10 Q1

I have also made an itty bitty bit of progress on my dGS February (Yikes, I'm such a ridiculous slacker :( boo)! I have the top all sewn up, quilt sandwich basted, and I am working on the quilting now. Below is a picture of the top all finished. I enlisted my handsome husband to help in the display of our quilt. I think it turned out pretty fun. There was some discrepancy in the size of the blocks, but I tried to make it work the best I could. :) AND I am a dork and attempted to quilt it to look like drops of water in a puddle. Uhm... circles are difficult on a standard machine. Frick, so there are a few little mistakes where the circles are tiny towards the middle, so please do not look there....  I just wanted something not quite so angular to soften it up AND something that would enhance the personality in this quilt.

Everything else is just 'keep on swimming, keep on swimming' other than this excitement! 
I hope to have some new information (house approval) to talk about soon!!!


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