Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Mom and Dad come to Phoenix Summer 2012 Recap

 It is so quiet here today with no one home, but me. My parents had been visiting for the past 2 weeks which has been really great. I was fortunate to get 90% of that entire time off to really enjoy spending time with them. Mom and I sewed a bunch of projects - I finished my very first clothing item! Wow. Sewing clothing is ridiculously hard, but I *think* I like it. Mom also finished up about 4 Single Girl blocks (which I have yet to photograph). She never sits still. I think I might have to sleep for about 3 weeks to catch up! Mom gave me the inspiration to complete the quilting on Cohen's baby quilt. I love how it turned out! I went with wavy-ish straight lines which were pretty dense. I prefer the dense quilting to spread out. I don't know why..?...

Finished Front!
The Back (held by my Dad)
Scrappy X Quilting
Quilting up-close and personal. I used King Tut.. wow! Very nice thread.
While Mom and I were sewing and shopping up a storm, Dad was busy doing boy things like working with hubby to fix our 454 Olds which blew a gasket when we were at the lake last. Dad also re-finished our front door which was quite a task. Sorry Dad!
We were able to take in a Diamondbacks game which was super duper fun! We actually won that game, but had lost the 3 previous games to the Dodgers.

Chase Field even had the top open. Pretty.
Mom and Dad enjoying the game - much different than the Reno Aces games!
Hubby and me enjoying the scene. I love this man.
 My parents, the hubby, and I were lucky enough to fly to Reno over this 3-day weekend to finally meet our brand new nephew. Man oh man is that little guy adorable. He is starting to recognize Mom and Dad's voices in a crowd, so it was fun to see him turn to look the direction of their voices. Very sweet. I will post one picture of him... he is drooly here, so understand this is what 10 week old babies do.
Cohen at 10 weeks. Love this little dude.

While we were in Reno, my brother and I got in a good run. It was cool because it started raining (nice change of pace from Phoenix) and it was a difficult run for me with all the hills AND the elevation. Reminded me that I am a fatty and I need to start working out some more. I really miss running with him, definitely my favorite running buddy for sure.

We also took hubby up to Lake Tahoe, he had never been before. It was snowing the entire way up the mountain which was pretty scary because I was afraid the roads would be icy, but we made it!
I don't know what my dad is doing (right). Hubby is on left.

I love Lake Tahoe <3 <3 <3 <3
I have also gotten a little bit of sewing done. Wow. I have been busy, again!

I finished my May dGS blocks for Kelli! She had requested framed patchwork blocks in bright and fun colors. This block was a breeze and I loved making it completely from scraps. I am excited to see what she comes up with for her quilt!

May dGS Blocks for Kelli
Kelli's super fun and really easy framed patchwork blocks for dGS!

ABL June Block for Megan
Always Bee Learning Block #1 for Megan (Tokyo (sp?) subway blocks)

ABL June Block for Megan
Always Bee Learning Block #2 for Megan (Tokyo (sp?) subway blocks)

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  1. So glad you had a fun visit with your parents. Family is a very good thing. Thinking about you...God does have a plan for you, just keep believing. :)