Sunday, May 13, 2012

Did You Just Call Me A Lady?

Today I finished up the quilt top for a quilt project involving a bunch of incredibly talented women from flickr. I have only recently gotten to know a bunch of these crafty ladies in an attempt to put together a project for another buddy on this site. I am absolutely amazed at the quickness to volunteer, eagerness to use beautiful fabrics, open hearts, and kind words that these women encompass. I feel such love from this group. It makes me happy to be a part of it.

So here's the breakdown: we decided to use Lee's 'Kissy Fish' block as the basis for our quilt in bright and saturated colors to make this quilt work for either a boy or a girl. Mama and Papa to-be will not be finding out what they will be having prior to delivery, so we want to make it appropriate for either. These blocks are absolutely a-dor-able AND super easy peasy, lemon squeezy to make! Each gal made at least 4 blocks, some  gals made 16!!!

Check out some of these talented gals' blocks!

Teri's from the blog handiwerx:

Marci's from the blog Marci Girl Designs:

I'm telling you. Talented!!

We decided to make a Mini Quilt (as a keepsake) as well as a larger baby quilt. Meredith put together the mini above! She made some extra blocks to make it a little bit larger, HAND QUILTED it, and bound it. She is a beautiful hand quilter, I am astonished with how perfect this project has turned out.

Here is the larger baby quilt right now: not entirely sure it will show up right here on the blog right now as the mama-to-be hasn't exactly received it yet.... so I have this photo listed as 'private' photo in my flickr stream. Meaning that people cannot view it in Flickr unless I allow them... so we'll see if it works here... Looks like it might!

Kissy Fish Quilt Top Complete! 

That is about all of the excitement that this house can handle right about now. :)

P.S. I was reminded how old I am last night. Awesome. As hubby and I are "boating up" to the dock Seriously, I am totally not a boat person. I don't really know what it is called when you approach the flipping dock. I understand that airplanes taxi, cars drive, bicycles bike... what do boats do?!?!?!??

Anyways, we boat up (don't laugh, I'm going with it because I don't know any better) to the dock about 11pm and all these people go running off. Odd. So we tie up the boat and husband runs up to go pick up the boat and the trailer. I'm hanging out with the boat on the dock when the people who scattered come back. Turns out it is a bunch of 17 and 18 year old 'kids'. To myself, I think - 'Wow, they are really young!' But I didn't say a thing because I didn't want to look like the neighborhood old cat/bag lady. So a bunch of the boys are jumping off some metal thing that is like 5 feet tall and the mom/pharmacist/trauma-attendee/lifeguard-in-my-previous-life starts to rise up in my mind. The last thing I wanna do is jump into the water in order to save some 17 year old kid who weighs more than me, while supporting his c-spine, and possibly having to start freaking rescue breaths in the dark on him. OMG. I really was starting to have palpitations.

Good thing their shenanigans stopped after one belly flop and I didn't even have to pipe up. Whew.

The next thing I know two girls decide to kind of cozy up to me with one of them saying 'We don't want to jump in here anymore, we are going to stand by this lady'.

UH WTF. Are you talking to me? They were clearly talking to me.

Did someone just call me a 'lady'?  NOT the she-is-prim-and-proper-and-doesn't-curse type of lady because I hadn't said a single word to these kids (it probably would have been a curse word if I had though and they would have deserved it. Scalliwags!) I think it was because I obviously look old in the dark... which means I LOOK OLD IN THE DAYLIGHT.WHA??? When did this happen?

The kids scamper off to do young people things just as hubby backs the truck into the water and he and I untie the boat to bring it around the other side of the dock to load up onto the trailer. The only thing that I could think of was irritated I was that those kids thought I was old. Sure I'm old, but ugh... So as I'm walking away from our boat past a boat with a few bass fishermen, I utter 'Damn kids with their fresh young ovaries make me feel all old and decrepit" which garnered a good chuckle from the fishermen.

Life is awesome. Getting old is not so awesome. Clearly this is the month of my birth and I am a bit sensitive. Team Gemini.


  1. Oh my goodness, I am rolling on the floor laughing right now!!! I hate it when I go up to the high school to do something with Chris (who teaches there) and the kids call me Ma'am. Now, I know that they are just being polite as we are in the South, but honestly...I don't feel that much older than them, can I really be at least 14 years older??? AAAAAHHHHH, when did I get old??
    p.s. When is your birthday?????

  2. I'm rolling, too! :) Juuuusst wait until they call you Ma'am! Oh goodness, better yet, I was in the grocery store with my cute and stylish grocery bag and the young gentleman bagging my groceries asks, "Ma'am, do you need help out?" WTF?! It's one little bag! - and with no cats on it! lol {I hate to admit this has happened more than once. lol weeping. I'm really tempted the next time they ask to say, Yes Please! :)

    Super duper cute quilt! :) Your friend's going to love it!