Thursday, April 19, 2012

Warm Weather Headgear Rant.

Now for my yearly hot weather rant where I complain pathetically about trying to train for a marathon (or half marathon this year!!) while living in the desert. Here I go...

I have gone the gambit here in Phoenix looking for an indoor track. Found one (yeah, ONE) at Scottsdale Community College and it had a great indoor climate, plenty to look at, safe flooring, affordable price, kind of far away, but it was so tiny!!! I took like 18 (or something equally painful) laps for a single mile which wouldn't be so bad except for the fact that it completely KILLED my 31 year old knees. So the indoor track idea has died and I am still pretty sad about it.

I guess Phoenicians don't like running. Either that or we really, really like the sun and heatstroke. I don't mind the sun as long as I don't get a sunburn (or any sun on my face) or heatstroke. Seriously, my insurance is not what it used to be. I cannot afford to hurt myself OR get heatstroke.

The problem that I am choosing to tackle in 2012 will be a much smaller scale than finding the elusive indoor track in the desert oasis of Phoenix. I just want to find a light-weight, reflective, awesome-so-no-one-will-look-twice-or-even-think-of-laughing-at-me, sombrero visor. Yes, I just typed that and yes, it is exactly what I want, big time.

Please allow me to explain.

1.) Light-weight: you do not want to run with too much weight, that is how one gets hurt. Besides, lighter = less work, I like that.

2.) Reflective: yo, Phoenix is a desert, we need to reflect as much of that sun as we can so there is no overheating and in turn no heat stroke. Yes, everything will always point back to ultimately avoiding heatstroke (a major fear of mine, next to drowning).
3.) Awesome (blah blah blah): well who likes to run like a dork? Answer: no one. I, too wanna look like I rule whilst I plug along in my run. I mean is a nice tweed or herringbone pattern in a moisture-wicking fabric and an understated brown or gray pattern too much to ask for?

4.) Sombrero: I figure that with coverage in all four quadrants like a sombrero is capable of providing, I am less likely to get any more dang age spots on my cheeks. Visors & stupid ball caps provide no side coverage and I am worried that I'll start looking like a saddle bag any day now.

5.) Visor: uh yeah. Hats hold in way too much heat for my liking. No matter what. Seriously, even with those meshy air vent things. Maybe my head is weirdly shaped, they just don't work for me. and I overheat immediately.

What about wearing a normal visor and just load up on the old water-proof sunscreen, you say? Oh Lordy, if you ever saw me run and the hot sweaty mess I turn into, you would know that sunscreen sits on my skin for the first 45 minutes that I let it soak in before I head out the door, and that is it. Then it's in my eyes, under my sunglasses (which subsequently fall off my nose for the remainder of the run), and in my mouth. Epic failure each time. I do use this Nutrogena product though and it has worked the best for me. Plus I like the spray.

Thank-you for listening to me rant. I have no idea what I am going to do...but I'll have to figure it out soon as I will no longer have a home for my treadmill (fingers crossed we can start our renovation soon, hearing set for May 5). I'll just have to listen to my body and figure it out. I have a feeling it will involve my weight in water.


  1. You know this post had me rolling, because I don't live in the desert, I live in an area known as "What HELL must be like." It's already in the 80s by the time I get home from taking the kids to school and while we've been dry as a bone, I know eventually the world will come back to normal and the humidity will kick in. I swear, during Summer (April-October) in the deep south you sweat if you open your front door, you don't even have to go out!
    If you find one of these awesome sombrero visors, let me know, because I will go in with you and maybe we can get a deal. I ran 5 miles this morning at 10 and was so sweaty I had to wipe off to be able to sit down to stretch! We should design one and make a pattern for it and get rich from all of the other sewing/running ladies out there! haha

    1. Oh Kelli!!! We should do this!!!! Glad we can commiserate on this crappy thig. Really though, is it too much to ask for??!! ;)

  2. This is the cutest full coverage visor I have found. Not super awesome adorable or particularly reflective, but it's cute and should be washable. And it's pricey. Ugh. The price for living in the dessert and wanting to look cute and not die of heatstroke.
    Good luck!