Thursday, August 18, 2011

Bonneville & Cathedral Windows

Busy this month!

The hubby really wanted to head up to Wendover, Nevada and check out the Bonneville Salt Flats between Salt Lake City and Elko (my home town!) just off of I-80.  So we headed on up with the 1930 Model A hot rod! Try as I might, I could not find any fabric stores :( I did find one quilting store, but they were closed, so I could only peer through the windows. It was in Caliente, NV and it looked really cool!

Here's a picture of my dude next to the sign just as you head out to the salt. If you haven't ever been out and actually on the salt, I am not sure I can do this area any justice with any sort of description. It is amazingly bright. It is deceptively cool/hot at the same time. The salt is actually cool to the touch, but 2.5 feet up is hot from the reflection and oh mama, will you burn in places that you hold to be special. We were sure to lather up with tons of sunblock on the undersides of our chins, noses, eyelids, hands, ankles, and backs of the knees. They weren't kidding when they said you might just burn your undercarriage.

We got to see some cars going 300+ mph. I was a little bit frightened in regards to safety, but it was fine. Amazing how fast and how LOUD these cars' engines are! Everyone was also incredibly nice.

My current project list still has not changed:

Single Girl
Quilt Charlie Brown Quilt

BUT I have now added to it an incredibly exciting baby quilt (gender TBD) which I am incredibly excited about for a really good, close, super, duper, amazing couple that I love with all of my heart. So I think that it might be a Swoon quilt which I am really excited to finally get my hands on and make something pretty!!

As far as the Always Bee learning girls, our challenge this month is Cathedral Windows! I'm super duper excited about this one. We are using Anna Maria Horner's Lou Louthi fabric again with Kona Coal. Megan has us all separated into two groups. Group One: will make 4x4  and Group Two: will make 6x3. I can't wait to see how she will put the entire puzzle together, but I'm sure it will look awesome. I am hoping to pump that out this weekend.

We have been instructed to use the following tutorial: Hyena in Petticoats but I found My Three Sons/Moda Bake Shop's tutorial and think this is genius!! Love that she tacks down the centers and it was just what I needed in regards to which corners did not matter (matching up) and which corners were important to have a nice end product. Love. This. Tutorial.

Anyhow, here are some of the other girls' Cathedral Windows!!

Always Bee Learning Bee- August Cathedral Windows for Megan
Not mine, but one of the girls in the group's. Pretty!

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