Sunday, April 10, 2011

I Do Not Have a Homemade Quilt on My Bed (embarrassed to admit)

I am completely embarrassed to call myself any sort of quilter primarily because the bed in my bedroom is not a quilt that I made. Sad, yes. It is a whole cloth bedspread that the hubby bought from Target before we were married.

I am one of those people who can become completely paralyzed in my decision-making process if I think about something too much. I have up until quite recently always been so overly concerned that I will grow weary of the bedspread in 3+ years or that I will hate it, so why even bother. OR What if the hubby doesn't like it? OR What if it doesn't turn out exactly how I hope/wish that it should? (Wow, really? I have been thinking this? Ugh.)

I randomly stumbled across the Flickr Naked Bed Group and think that I might just have to put something together for our bed that I can be proud of. I am almost done with the hexagon quilt and have no immediate plans for anything (aside from the Single Girl Quilt) so I feel that I can do this!

Cute little button, right? Now I just need to commit to something. I really like the idea of following something that has a vintage or traditional feel to it. Especially after all of these modern quilts that I have been sewing lately.

Here are some of my ideas for this challenge:

I have this pattern sitting in my sewing room...
Love the look of the Improved Nine Patch, ESPECIALLY in these colors... love me some yellow.

Or a plain ol' zig zag! Lurve.
And how could a  Wedding Ring quilt not come to mind. LOVE. THIS.
Absolutely LOOOOVE this one....but in yellow. ha!
Whichever way I go, I really hope to make it as scrappy as possible. Like I said, I have GOT to whittle away at my stash!!

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