Sunday, April 17, 2011

Hexagon Quilt Update

Isn't this guy called a Domoken or something? Anyways, he's cute and wanted to take center stage on the el-blog :)
My friend's baby shower went off without a single hitch this past weekend! It was so much fun not playing all the akward smell baby diapers, toilet paper dress-up, babies in ice cubes, and typical baby shower games. It was nice to have adult conversation, coo over the 10 month old and 7 month old twin babies. Had. A. Blast.

The pinatas turned out adorable. My mom read about the progress on the blog and thought that the were 'baby rattles' which got me to thinking... YES! I'll make baby rattle pinatas! Thanks Mom :) They were quite the hit!

Sara received all sorts of awesome baby things. I'll have to get a photo of the quilt Mom made for Sara. LOVE. IT. Turquoise with lime greens and the perfect amount of white.

I still haven't finished her hexagon quilt, so I took snippets of each of the fabrics and stuffed them into a makeshift card (I half ass way too many things in my life) which she ended up thinking was great. She is a good friend. :)

I did finally finish up the quilt top today. Sara requested the navy blue for a border. I wanted to both make the quilt a little bit larger as well as give it a mini-wow-factor, something that would give it depth, but not distract too much from the central design. I hope I accomplished this.

Hootie Hexagon Baby Quilt

Hootie Hexagon Baby Quilt

I was really nervous about cutting the hexagon edges down to make the central square portion. I was afraid that it would look wonky or silly. I ended up cutting the horizontal hexies exactly in half using the points as my guide. As far as the vertical hexies (the ones that would end up with cuts through the center of the block with no corner to guide the cuts) I measured the distance of the top, divided by 2 and added 1/4 inch so that when finished, the hexagons along the side of the quilt would look just like a hexagon folded in half. I'm not disappointed, which is a big deal for me because I feel as though not all of my ideas play out as nicely in real life as they measure/look/seem in my head. I am hoping that I am getting better at this whole interpretation thing.

Now I am working on piecing an improvised nine-patch section with leftover fabric for a portion of the back and then I will be off to quilt this one. I am thinking of stitching inside each hexagon 1/4 inch all the way around and then some sort of straight-line quilting for the borders. Ideas? Recommendations?

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